Commenting “First!”

When happening upon a popular blog entry or highly acclaimed website, it’s only natural to want to be recognized.First!

Usually Internet users, including myself, only bother to look through comments occasionally, and usually only the first couple. As such, in order to be noticed, those vying for that top spot try to attain a little slice of publicity, a beacon of opinion in response to the author’s ideals.

To effectively ruin this, comments on the most popular blogs and articles usually bog down into nothing but FIRST! wars, with a few outcomes:

  1. You are the first to post “FIRST!” and are reprimanded by the higher thinkers who are now resigned to post below you.

  2. You are the first to post “FIRST!” and start a chain of SECOND! THIRD! and so on.

  3. You are not the first to post “FIRST!” and look like a bigger idiot than if you’d accomplished either option 1 or 2.

Now, this type of moronic behavior can be heightened by misspelling the word, lack of capitalization, misuse of capitalization, and a generous use of exclamation points, ‘one’s, and ‘1’s. The main problem I have with this is that this behavior lends nothing to the original post, discourages my want to read any further comments, and dulls my faith in humanity. So, a challenge to all of you reading this oh-so illustrious “First” post:

Let Commenting “First!” Die


5 responses to “Commenting “First!”

  1. FIRST xP kidding
    Very nice ^.^
    now, as long as TK aren’t up there
    or I am or fangirls (except Twlight ones)
    I won’t hurt you 😀
    ❤ the bestest person evar


  3. First-blocked.

    It would appear as though I did something to change all the total views I got today. Oops. Oh well.

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