Apologies For Not Updating

I already know that some of you are thinking “What a lame post. This blog is probably doomed to fail. The author is going to tell us all that he can’t be bothered to make a post everyday so he’s going to dismiss us like spoiled children.” But, you’d be absolutely wrong, because when you assume, you make a horrible joke that is not worth mentioning here. Today’s topic is to all of you bloggers or social networkers who feel it important to say sorry when things do not appear in a timely fashion. Why is this wrong? Well, it’s not anything as terrible as the previous thing that needs death, but I find it a tad annoying. Why should you apologize for a brief absence? You had some form of important life event that took you away from your fanbase for an extended period of time. Sure, feel free to inform them about it, but you have no obligation to apologize for it. After all, the Internet generally provides entertainment. I like to think that while you’re reading this you’re getting some form of pleasure from it.

Now, for extended periods of time, this is perfectly acceptable, considering you may have had a great many users compulsively checking your site every so often to see if changes had occurred. Of course, that’s based a bit on your site’s popularity…and userbase.

Also, if you decide to fake your own death to get out of having to update whatever, and if you get caught, you damn sure better apologize. Yes, I know the article is a bit dated, but it’s the best example that I have for this exception that’s in recent history.

Lastly, if you provide a useful service, such as e-mail transferal, web hosting, and other things that make the Internet work well, or if you operate a VoIP 911 service or things like that, then, yes, apologies are useful. I don’t mean to sound all encompassing with this ideal, but, sometimes I can come across that way in the written word.

And finally, as a corollary to this, if you feel that you are so important that you need to constantly update what you’re doing or your thoughts, then you’re much, much worse on the Scale of Die Needing. However, I think I’ll cover something like that at a later date, when I’m done harping on language and fees

Let Apolo
gizing For Not Updating Die (Mostly)


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    Also, I agree.

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