Annoying Web Advertisements

Advertisements are a great way to receive income on web costs. Also, advertisements can be informative and, obviously, their goal is to influence you into buying their goods or services. Now, the Internet is no different in this regard. However, the Internet is also a lot more devious with advertisements, and have quite an excess of ways to exploit the viewer. And, I know that I’ll be inadvertently giving publicity to certain advertisements, but I feel that’s a small price to pay to vent this opinion. To make this simpler, let’s list a few types of these eye (and sometimes ear) curdling postings:

  1. YOU ARE THE [#] VISITOR! CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE! – What’s interesting is how these started using nice, round numbers that sound large to impose significance, like the one millionth visitor. Now, however, I’ve noticed that these numbers regress a little, to things like 99,999,999th. Why? No idea. These messages are usually displayed in either rapid color switching Flash or animated GIF form, and may include a fake Windows interface, again as a ploy to invite haphazard clickers.
  2. Particular EVONY banner adsAh, yes, let’s give a generous depiction of ladyparts, make references to things that do not currently exist in said MMO, and top it all off with a sparing amount of words. Also, there have been reports that EVONY spam-vertises through different sites in comments and such. Despicable and distasteful. Recently, the advertising with the female depictions have abated to a castle scene with fireworks, but the infamy remains.
  3. Your Computer Needs a Virus Scan, STAT! or words to that effect – These advertisements usually disguise themselves as legitimate-looking Windows dialog boxes that masquerade as if a serious threat has invaded your computer. The computer literate will usually immediately identify this as fake, and dismiss it. Many, however, will take it seriously, and will click to their heart’s content, to “save” their precious files. The more well-crafted the fake interface, the more likely clicks are to be had. Sigh.
  4. Those smiley advertisements “NOW WITH SOUND!” Okay, okay, these are a tad older, but who among us does not remember the horribly deafening “HELL-OOOOOOO!” or “SAY something!” noises that eminated upon rollover? Although, these do provide a nice source of parody in some respects.

These are, obviously, just a few examples. I bet I will post a follow-up to this post every few months or so, to catalog popular user response to the most hated advertisements of the time. Now, I greatly appreciate user feedback. If there’s anything currently annoying you about advertisements, people, the world, whatever, just let me know. I’ll work it in somewhere.

To abate the threat of these advertisements, I must confess I use AdBlock Plus. I do whitelist sites that I frequent often, and in so doing help their ad revenue. In my opinion, this is the best use of the software, and not to use it to block everything out. Some advertising is sharp, and can lead you to engaging and interesting sites. Then again, these annoying ads just suck up my oh so precious bandwidth, but more on that later….

Oh, yes. You are the 1×10^6 viewer to this website. Congratulations!

Let Annoying Web Advertisements Die (Painfully)


6 responses to “Annoying Web Advertisements

  1. evony ads ftw… only the derivatives though.. like PVZ and this:

    There also ads that pretend to be messenger message. Or those that ‘get money from home’ ‘get $100 per hour just by surving internet’. Basically I don’t like anything scams.

  2. I enjoy the ad’s that pop up right over what you need, and they will not go away until you complete a 30 hour long survey.

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  4. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  5. I love George Bush

    Your website looks really good. Being a blog writer myself, I really appreciate the time you took in writing this article.

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