Reality Show Clichés

I deserve to win this competition. I am the most talented, athletic, beautiful, handsome, intelligent, culinary skilled, educated, and inventive person out of the competition. Nobody wants this more than I do. I give my 110% day in and day out. I am the most passionate about achieving this goal.

I’ve sacrificed everything in order to be here, and I’ve got nothing to lose. My life depends on winning the next challenge, dinner service, weigh-in, and tribunal.

It was revitalizing and energizing and invigorating to see my family members, avoid the punishment, and revel in the reward.

Teamwork is everything in this competition. The other members are sabotaging my efforts and wrong me at every turn. They also support me and bring out the best in me. I will vote to remove the stronger of the group despite the backfire that will occur. This is all about communication. And finally….

I’m not here to make friends.

(Thanks, WordPress, for needing an upgrade that I must pay for so I can embed video. To circumvent this, the above link. Video may be somewhat NSFW. I don’t really know, as my crappy internet only loaded about :30 of it.)

Let Reality Show Clichés Die


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