Slang has given us a great many words, like ‘cool’, ‘awesome’, ‘groovy’, ‘righteous’, and so forth. Many of these are overused yet effective phrases that help express our moods or otherwise aid in conversation at that historical point in time. Now, however, I want to pick on a new term that’s really only crept up in the past few years or so. This word is Creeper.

When one considers something that is “creepy” or “creeps them out”, you associate that mentally with things that are eerie, or scary, or even disgusting. However, it is not a profession to be a creep. If you are using the word “creeper”, you’re really just trying to use a quote unquote polite word for a stalker.

The problem I have with this word is that this word doesn’t make sense. One can be a creep, yes. One too can act in a creepy manner. The word stalker is more effective in situations where this titular word is used, and is more comprehensive. Therefore, creeper is an extension of a word that is designed to make light of a situation where the word’s root doesn’t apply.

That, and how people take minimal information about someone and generalize them by shouting this word without giving any further reasons annoys the crap out of me.

Feel free to debate this. I know there’ll be those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, and those of you who will furiously dissent with my opinion. To the latter of you, I say…

En garde.

Let the word ‘Creeper’ Die


2 responses to “Creeper

  1. Let lovebug die

  2. You must have been an English major 🙂
    Check out my blog; you might actually disregard grammar and say “creeper-esque”.

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