Well, let’s be honest. I really didn’t want to make a post today…After enjoying some museums and eateries in the Washington D.C. area, I really just wanted to go back to the hotel and nap for twelve hours.

Despite this, I’ll do my best to entertain you twenty or so visitors by giving a literal spin on the blog’s premise, with today’s Thing That Needs To Die.

Now, Salmon already have the odds stacked against them. After their period of sexual maturity, salmon head to their original spawning grounds to find a mate and make some little fish babies, or so the story goes. Now, these salmon have a few disadvantages. First, they need to be strong enough to make it upstream to the top of the grounds. If they can’t do that, bye bye genes. Secondly, roaming grizzly bears get some buffet-style nourishment with the large quantities of salmon. Now, if these salmon are able to run this mad mile long cross country gamut with a pounding water headwind and predator hurdles, they get the privilege of passing on their DNA to some young that will eventually have to face the same trial. And then, after all that, the mating salmon die off anyway.

Thanks,  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the info, which I’ve probably improperly condensed. Anyway, the basics are there.

So! What have we learned? Well, the salmon must quite literally need to die in order to sustain future generations. While it’s certainly not as gruesome as eating your partner after mating, it’s a trifle sad.

Not my best work, I know. But hey, through the first week. Stay tuned, everyone.

Let Salmon Die, So They Can Live!

(Assuming they mate first, that is.)

Photo credits: Canada Photos


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