Life’s just too short to not care about it. Sure, some things you’ll have no interest in (like this blog! Hyuck hyuck hyuck.), but that doesn’t mean you should sit on your duff and let the world change around you. Be a part of it! Speak your opinions! Do what’s right! Vote! You have all the potential to change the world, as long as you decide to do something!

Short, sweet, and to the point. Although you’d expect I’d post a longer entry, considering its topic…

But I need to cover material topics! Mostly!

Let Apathy Die


One response to “Apathy

  1. I have my thoughts on this. Making a change won’t happen with just talking around it or yells around it, hard work is needed to make a change to realization. There is some exceptions, like investigate why ‘the something that is wrong’ exist then talk about it in a proper media.

    As I am an artist, I often express my concerns (mostly on my stories) though a lot of them also suppressed because I don’t want to make an unnecessary fight between view points. Talking around that, every single person on earth have their own opinions around things. That so, sometimes it just better to let them ‘flow’– not because I don’t care or have no concerns, but because I know the tendency of that thing to be ‘never satisfy everyone’.

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