Repeatedly Pressing the Elevator Button

This is one of those habits of everyday life that makes me wonder how it got started in the first place. I will admit that is indeed a habit for some people, and that does make it hard to break. So, I’ve gone out of my way to devise a list of possible reasons that I can think of that would promote this behavior:

  • There is some form of entertainment gained from activating a button that summons a box AT ONE’S OWN COMMAND!
  • Continually pressing the button ensures electrical contacts between button and elevator are still functioning normally.
  • Pressing the button the correct number of times in a certain pattern will trigger a secret message, perhaps enabling you entry for monetary prizes.
  • It’s good for your finger muscles.

While I don’t believe any of the above are true (well, potentially that last one, but come on), I do really wonder how this maintains a presence in our society. We have televisions that can be rolled up into a tube, but we can’t understand that one button press is enough?

Oh well. I’m sure all that gets fixed when we have flying cars and instant teleportation systems that are implanted into our vertebrae at birth. Or something like that.

Let Repeatedly Pressing the Elevator Button Die

Photo Credits: NYC Metblogs


2 responses to “Repeatedly Pressing the Elevator Button

  1. “We have televisions that can be rolled up into a tube” The tube in a tube! xD

  2. how about people who believe that pressing the crosswalk button repeatedly makes the light change FASTER! push it once, push it 50 times, its still going to take 60 seconds. THAT needs to die.

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