Reading Waaaaaay Too Far Into Things

You know, if you read back through all of the bolded words of my previous posts, you’ll see that my postings to this very blog have contained a secret message all along. Well, they are jumbled in order, so you’ll need to arrange them so your visits to the prior entries aren’t a waste of time.

Obviously I’m kidding. I couldn’t possibly arrange something so complex and intricate that would be concealing a hidden message. Now, I do enjoy some things that utilize this technique, like Lost or that one issue of Wired with J.J. Abrams. It’s looking into things that aren’t all that spectacular which boggles my mind. For example, certain kinds of modern art befuddle me. So you put a black circle on a white canvas in the upper right hand corner. Okay. Somehow you’re famous due to that?

Puzzling. I could do that. If I thought it respresented something.

Now, you may disagree with me on this, figuring that it’s fun to explore and challenge yourself and look for all the secrets that could only be found by reading, there may be a great profession in your future as a literary analyzer or codebreaker, which are very respectable professions. Personally, I think the best way to go through life is by accepting some things at face value, like a text message, and scrutinizing others a bit more closely, like Shakespeare. But if you consistently do the latter, you‘ll not find friends with me.

It’s great to have time to kill, but I think there’s better way in which to spend it.

Whatever you do, make it meaningful. When you do that and are compassionate in your activities, then I can offer you a hearty “Congratulations!“.

See what I did there?

At least I gave it a shot. And even if you haven’t gotten it…

Don’t take this post at face value, either.

I can’t wait to be seized by writer’s block at some point. That’ll be a fun post.

Let Reading Way Too Far Into Things Die


One response to “Reading Waaaaaay Too Far Into Things

  1. i have suggestion for future writer’s block. ATi vs NVidia battles and Intel vs. AMD.

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