2012 Myths

Culturally, we are fascinated by “doomsday” scenarios. This can be evidenced by the relative success of movies such as The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, and also those various documentaries based on the premise if humans were to altogether disappear.

In the recent past, there have been many premonitions about how all of humanity would die inexplicably at a single instant. The Y2K bug was feared to take down all computer systems and, thus, our entire post-industrial way of life. As we learned later, there were no major errors caused by reaching the new millennium. Also, more recently, everyone was worried about June sixth, 2006. “Dur hur hur, the date makes the devil’s number.” So, death by fiery inferno, earthquakes splitting open the Earth revealing the depths of Hell, etc, etc. Again, nothing happened, although it was a big day of horror movie releases.https://i0.wp.com/www.freewebs.com/beaconoflightcommunitychurch/Earth%20Exploding.jpg

So, now we approach the year 2012. More specifically, December 21st or 23rd, 2012, is the next date upon which we are all assumed to die, or all life will end, or the Raptu
re will begin, or whatever. There have been around two hundred books published based on the 2012 phenomenon, and a major motion picture, simply titled “2012”, is assumed to release November 13th of this year. The movie is not a documentary; rather, it’s an action-oriented movie based on a possible cataclysmic event, using the popularity of the titular year to, in my opinion, boost box office sales.

Just recently, NASA has posted an article to debunk 2012. I highly doubt that people will follow this advice, as, again, we are fascinated by our own doom.

And if I’m wrong, it’ll be too frivolous to refute me when the time comes.

Let The End of the World in 2012 Fascination Die

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Photo Credits: Beacon Of Light Community Church


3 responses to “2012 Myths

  1. interesting topic ! And it is nice that you give a link to what NASA says about 2012 and 2012 movie.

    I think i had seen a lot of recent movies make fake sites like d6 or heroes, but none really makes me feel ‘oh that is real’. It is interesting use of internet though I hope everyone who make such fake websites have a disclaimer or a copyright on very bottom of theirs website to make people with a bit of IQ recognize the site as an entertainment.

    Talking about that, I’m afraid what need to be blamed is people’s stupidity. It quiet sad that how we had invent a lot of technologies and acquire education for years long, but still easy to get swayed by hoax and myths.

  2. I’ve been reading about this, actually. The Mayans and Aztecs DID actually talk about 2012 in their astronomy glyphs. However, the thought that it says “The world ends in 2012” is the myth. The actual translation would be closer to “The world’s age ends in 2102,” meaning that according to their calendars, this is the year that Earth moves from one astronomical age to another. It is simply a large unit of measurement to break the cycle of the planets down into several thousand year segments.

  3. This movie looks like the an amazing movie. I can’t wait to see it.

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