The Snuggie

Well, I’ve been sick for the better part of this weekend, so I’ve gotten to know my blanket very well. A security thing or a simple warming garment, I’ll let you decide. However, throughout the day, I found myself able to use my computer, acquire food and drink, use the bathroom, and even get my mail without any inconvenience that could’ve been caused by the blanket.

However, for those of you who may have trouble wrapping a blanket around you so you can use your arms, I present to you the Snuggie. Now you can look like a cult member for only $20! And, if you ever needed an $8 book light, well, do I have good news for you!

I know I’m, again, a bit late to these items of pop culture ridicule, but I figure if I did an entire post on “Fads”, I’d kill most of my material.

Anyhow, instead of re-stating the premise, I’ll provide a list of things you can do with this glorified bathrobe!

  • Bleach the entire blanket until it is pure white. Then, affix a starched hood to the blanket. Voila, you have created some KKK winter wear! (Yes, I’ll get backlash for that.)
  • Create a leopard throw rug by padding certain areas of a leopard-print Snuggie. On a personal note, who would use this pattern for a blanket? To blend in?
  • Leave it in your closet and occasionally marvel at whatever compelled you to buy it in the first place!

You’ve got to love the promise of TV advertising: If there’s the tiniest problem with an object or action, there’s a useless object to help fix it! Or, to be used a few times, then left to collect dust.

“Modern” world indeed.

Let The Snuggie Die


One response to “The Snuggie

  1. Print for a certain Physics teacher’s viewing pleasures.

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