Fuzzy Dice

Our culture has quite the affinity for knick-knacks, baubles, trinkets, and the like. From small, light-refracting glass figurines, to large, wooden sculptures of personal sentiment, we are attracted to these items for our own reasons, out of our own interests, and from our need to personalize our space. Ironically, in today’s culture we declare “personalizing” as “buying mass produced items and arranging them”, but I must digress on that point for now.

Making our space feel like our own through objects extends beyond our homes and offices. Even our cars are subjected to this modification. And so, we’ve determined that blocking out a slight portion of our field of vision is a small price to pay to accessorize.

I’m talking about fuzzy dice.

Now, unlike air fresheners, fuzzy dice do not give off a scent of any form, other than perhaps cotton fiber or right-out-of-the-plastic smell. And, for another thing, they’re dice. We often associate dice with gambling, a morally questionable activity to begin with, or Yahtzee. Or Dungeons and Dragons. Anyway, the dice are a bit of an odd choice, considering dice games are rather hard to accomplish while traveling upwards of 65 miles per hour.
I’ve also noticed some dice have some form of picture for one’s sports team or other interests where the 1 side of the dice goes. While this does seems to give some form of insight into one’s tastes, it’s still a view blocker, to some degree. But that’s okay, considering nobody is ever distracted by things like cell phones while driving, so this isn’t a problem whatsoever. Vision is over-rated. If people can make turns at multiple hundreds of miles per hour, why can’t you take those extra seconds to distract yourself? After all, it’s all about entertainment, no matter what the activity.

Hang on a minute. No, that sounds about right.

Yes, I’m loony. But for the right reasons.

Anyway, fuzzy dice: Obscure and obstructive.

Let Fuzzy Dice Die

(And if you don’t see the larger meaning here, I’ll smack you.)


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