Breastfeeding Past A Certain Age

No, this isn’t a debate about the benefits of natural baby feeding or formula feeding, nor is it a debate about the processes involved in accomplishing the activity. Mostly because I’m male. Anyway, today’s topic is about kids who breastfeed…

…at 13 years of age.

Now, I hesitate to link or even reference any specific site or infamous video about this activity; if you’d like to learn more, go look on your own. Now, this post shall be opinionated, mostly because I, like most, share your feelings of “Oh, my God, what the heck is going on with these people?”. Now, then, reasons why I find this to be overall gross:

  1. AgeThe kids in question are in a stage of life where they should be able to realize that this isn’t what other people do. Also, they may be investigating the, eh, more “supple” qualities from which they are deriving their nutrition. So, when, then, would you not object to this, unless there’s some form of psychological damage or addiction to the feeding?
  2. Parents –  The parents themselves are saying that their children should make the decision as to when they are finished. Well, I’m willing to bet that you won’t find that in any parenting manual. I’m also more than certain the parents would know that this is outlandish, too.
  3. ReasonAh, yes, why this is still going on. The claim seems to be that the activity is “relaxing”. A very, very demented kind of relaxing.

I realize I don’t provide a whole lot of physical content to back this up. Again, if you’d like to learn more, that’s on you. I know too much already about this. Ick.

And if I’m wrong somewhere in these ideas, please feel free to correct me. For once, I think I’d like to be wrong about this….

Let Breastfeeding Past A Certain Age Die


2 responses to “Breastfeeding Past A Certain Age

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  2. uuhhh 13 years old? that is lol!

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