Ah, procreation. Usually applied as a recreational activity, our culture finds limitless pleasure with the…er…”potential” of our bodies. Our obsession with this facet of life has led to the invention of many products and methods to provide fulfillment. Yes, I’m being intentionally vague. Anyway, this desire for intimacy in a more or less physical way has spread across all major means of communication. If you need to see this in action, go to a high school – the conversations are usually flavored towards the discussion of the intricacies of the act.

Anyway, we’ve sought any means to make this connection with others. Firstly, the actual act of procreation involves the most intimate elements of our desire: Physical pleasure, emotional connection, and all the actions involved in the overall seduction and conclusion. Then, there may or may not be a relationship involved, and on from there. I know it’s not really cut and dry as that, but, hey.

Well, what if you’re involved in a long distance relationship, or are repressed and not easily able to/willing to engage in the act itself? Thus the innovation of phone sex! You can still hear your partner’s (or a paid-by-the-minute partner’s) voice, complete with the inflection of voice, and subtle suggestion. One just needs to do a little work on their end by filling in the blanks, and a smaller sense of fulfillment is achieved.

And then, we have Text Messaging, which the media has hyped suggestive and raunchy messages as “Sexting”. And with this, I am absolutely befuddled. Instead of providing my opinion here, I think I’ll give an example of what I imagine the average session of this to be.

“Wat r u wering?”
“Wudn’t u lyk to kno <3”
“lol come on baby giv me sum sugar”
“i tendrly kiss ur nek and whispr in ur ear ‘i luv u'”
“thats so hawt”
“u place me on the bed facedown in ur strong manly arms”
[This continues for a bit]
“omg omg omg omg omg omg o….m…..G…..”
“wow u wer g8”
“that wus amazin”
“ya i kno. lets do this sum mor l8er”

That hurt to type. Mostly because I protest with the way that dialogue is so formed, but that’s another matter. So, what have we learned? Well, there’s a whole lot more blanks to be filled in…there’s not a lot of emotion that can be really detected…and I exaggerated a bit near the end. Now, this “scandalous behavior” really is nothing more than words, and text at that. Now, imagine how the situation comes off as if every comment was said in sarcasm. Paints a different mental picture, doesn’t it? But one can’t know that from the mere words alone.

Sexting is an insanely informal attempt at one of the most personal experiences one can have as a human being. It’s maddening to think that it’s even effective, but compounded with how the media perceives it as newsworthy and the poor spelling overall just makes my faith in humanity waver.

The ability to share pictures, though, does aid the parties a little. Yet, the entire idea is still rather obscure and depressing. What ever happened to love letters?

Let Sexting Die

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39 responses to “Sexting

  1. If I ever got a sexting on my cell from a guy, I might have to dump him…pronto. 🙂

  2. agreed.

  3. just blogwalking

  4. Love this post! My husband is a professor at a college and was just saying that he feels the “Texting” method that kids use has trickled over into adults and they have forgotten how to spell. Because his students have been turning in papers that just don’t make any sense. He is going to ask them to write a paper on “texting” and the english language and does it indeed make a person forget how to use it! Excellent post!

    • It is annoying, but I am guilty of using the texting shorthand. I find myself doing it to conserve space-I really hate to do it though. I cringe every time I type “u”.

  5. Nice…

  6. whats funny and scary at the same time is that this actually happens. People use kidergarten language in an attempt to sound “naughty”.

  7. I completely agree with you.

    However, I think you underestimate the potential of “sexting.” From the stories I’ve heard on the radio, from when this really started to become a problem in schools, it hardly involves words at all. “Sexting” actually involves taking nude photographs and sending it to someone else. It raises all sorts of questions about underage pornography, and whether the recipient can be charged with a crime for being in possession of the picture, even though it was willingly sent.

    How crazy is this world now?

  8. Like I so totally agree!

  9. Random Thoughts Flow

    lol its probably a good thing that i dont even have a cell phone 🙂

  10. I “sexted” once. It left a bitter taste in my mouth and enough shame to kill Bill Clinton (hyperbole). After I realize what I had done I told the girl to never talk to me again and that her thumbs should be removed.

  11. I type/text that way (the “dialect” not the sexting) for fun on occasion, ususally just to save space. But agreed, it’s getting out of hand. With the exception of LOLcats, I wouldn’t mind seeing the whole thing just disappear.

  12. That needs to die!

  13. Sex, like every other human endeavor is as meaningful or as meaningless as we chose. I really doubt people who find statements like “ur fkn me hard bayb O ya, O ya.” to be the pinnacle of eroticism are having meaningful face to face sex either. Sexting is not the sexual downfall of society, but merely an accurate barometer of how pointless most people’s lives are.

  14. I would never participate in sexting. First of all, it’s dumb and there are better ways for me to use my time. Second of all, it’s the virtual world and who knows who might get a hold of it one day. It could come back to haunt you later.

  15. Great post!

  16. This post is really great, and I greatly enjoyed how you brought the idea across.

  17. I have sexted plenty of times and every girl has loved it. In fact, most girls actually initiate it. It’s a fun and safe act, sometimes accompanied by pics, and usually leads to more direct contact if you know what I mean. That being said, it is more for the younger generation. People who are angry at sexting are just mad because they are either A) old, B) not getting any, C) jealous, D) all of the above.

  18. completely agreed!!

  19. so interesting…I shall say thank you.
    My blog is simple and safe and hope can bring it a stride in advance.yours is far ahead.
    I would love to receive your advice and suggestions.
    keep your chin up,

  20. hahaha..people makes crazy stuff most of the time..

  21. The worst I have ever experience is foreplay texting, and it was miserable. Fortunately the horrible shortened words were avoided!

  22. I can not deny that I enjoy the occasional dirty text from my partner but I don’t know of people actually sexting as you described… I thought it was more like the foreplay to foreplay. Teasing the other person and putting sexual thoughts in their head, possibly hinting to what they want to do to them later. The difference being that it’s all talk. Then again, I’m not very well informed on this subject 😛

  23. Hmmm, the ever infamous SEXTING, texting about sex.

    If you want more of this topic, I cover it in my blog. My hubby loves it, btw!

    Check it out, and drop me a comment to let me know what u think!

  24. here here! live and let die!

  25. Very nice post, but also a very functionalist perspective. I’m new to blogging, drop me a comment if anything

  26. I was cringing while reading your “short-hand” texts. Brr but awesom pos btw (:

  27. lol! sexting…. interesting word. i would never evenk think of using my cell phone for this. anyqay, everybody has its own troubles. lol!

  28. theserestlesshands

    hej, funny, witty text.
    yeah, agree. sexting is another episode of a generation oversexed and underloved.

  29. This post made me wet my pants. I agree on every aspect. I am an avid “texter”, but every word and every sentence has proper spelling and grammer. It also could be because I have a keyboard phone and the only people I text have Verizon, therefore I am not limited to 160 characters. But that’s only a speculation.

  30. oh sexting n tlk r things i lv doin…wn u cn hear ur partners voice so intimately knowing even if she z nt arnd.

  31. How come no one ever sexts me?

  32. Haha sexting, well texting can be arousing as well, but come on ! what the hell is all this slang for? damn

  33. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Would you rather have your kids having sex or do this. Honestly. this makes all high school students sound likes perverts. And we are not. Cut us some slack it’s not like we do it txt each other about sex. Also you can’t blame us. What about the media? Everywhere you are there is something promoting sexuality in adolescence. I feel that in one point of your life you sexual mature. Some earlier than others and when you don’t have parents or an adult figure to help you through this time period things are going to go wrong. “Sexting” is usual between couples or friends with befits. Teenagers who haven’t been taught about sex in a proper manor are more likely to do it. So who is to blame now? The children who don’t know better or the parents that haven’t talked to them about it?

  34. I think that you are WAY too uptight about this whole “sexting” thing. YES I do think that it has trickled over into the adult world. YES, I’ve done it. With several girls. Pictures to go along with it. I have received pictures and messages as well. Its just fun. It in no way replaces intimacy. In fact, sometimes I think its a nice form of foreplay if your partner sends you a naught message or picture when they you’re on your way home.

    The problem I have with this, is that teenagers and younger, are sexting. But that is the fault of YOU the parents. WTF does anyone under 18 need a cellphone for? I didn’t have one growing up! It was suppose to be something designed for emergency use, but has now become a form of entertainment for our short attention spanned society.

    On texting in general, it has made kids dumb just as one person pointed out how his students are turning in papers with tons of misspelled words.

  35. i despise text “lingo” like you demonstrated above but people always find ways to flirt and be naughty. it used to be phone sex, it was once done through letters (snailmail), now it’s taken the form of new technology and will continue to transgress through even newer and unimagined ways of communicating from afar in the future.

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  37. We are waiting the next.

  38. Give it rest. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. If this post it was really about the bad grammar, then that would be a worthy subject matter however hardly exclusive to texting. Speak to the average college grad, and you will find that out. As far as I am concerned the two are mutually exclusive unless you are the one Sexting at which point it is no one’s business but your own.

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