Fake Promotional Credit Cards

When credit card companies have a deal they want to share with you, they want to let you know about it. So, they’ll mail out letters informing you of what’s new, why they have the best service, what special deals are going on, and so forth. However, included with most of these mail-advertisements are a small plastic trinket that is usually stamped with VOID all over the backing. These are faux credit cards, usually, and are intended to…

Intended to…https://i0.wp.com/www.savingadvice.com/images/blog/american-express-black.jpg



Okay, that’s the issue. What does the inclusion of these fake credit cards do, exactly? I’m fairly certain that no one has purchased a credit card based on the LOOK of it; at least, no one with a correctly functioning mind has. Furthermore, if you’re going to fool someone into thinking you have a card with one of these, all the other party needs to do is flip it over and discover your lie.

Although, depending on the quality of plastic used to make them, these credit-less credit cards can still be used to open some doors. I don’t suppose that sort of thing is condoned, however.

Now, as a marketing ploy, these cards are all but ineffective. However, kids seem to enjoy them, and I can’t say I don’t love the moment when you peel off the card and play with that special kind of glue on the back.

But, as an advertising tool? Good try, but, I’m not buying it.

Let Fake Promotional Credit Cards Die

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3 responses to “Fake Promotional Credit Cards

  1. Ah, but you opened it because it had something vaguely credit card-y feeling in the envelope, didn’t you?

    It’s understandable, what if their security was breached and your credit card company was considerately sending you a replacement before you happened to notice the 14 one-way tickets to Bangladesh on the bill? What if your identity had been stolen and the Sallie Mae Mafia was coming to hunt you down?! What if they finally figured out FICO is a conspiratorial load of crap and sent you the Ultra-Quantum-Plutonia Visa you deserve??!!?!? Of COURSE you opened it.

    And therein lies to reason for the pseduo-card. Some kind of consumer behavioral psychoanalyst figure out how to not only crush your hopes, but exploit your fears! Ain’t progress great?

  2. I was friends with a guy who’d put those fake cards in his wallet and use it to impress girls. Like he had a lot of money. I’m not sure it worked well, but it was pretty funny.

  3. I agree.
    There really is no point in those cards at all.

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