Those of you that noticed the Absence post…well, it’s not that I lied, it’s that life likes to work to contradict me.

And speaking of which, today IS (or, when most of you will read this, WAS) Friday the 13th, right? And simply because of that moniker, I bet some of you thought a little more about your actions or the things that happened to you today. At the very least, you may have been involved in or even started a conversation about fortune.

And let me tell you, I don’t believe it one bit.

Before you think I’m going to rant and ramble about being grounded in earthly observations, I’m going to let you know that I do experience a certain level of thoughts about luck. For instance, it was good and bad luck that the problem I had with my network was able to be fixed. Good in the way that, hey, it works, bad in the way that it delayed this posting.

From the above example, we now understand I believe a little in luck. But do I believe luck is modified by certain dates?

This is a clear and absolute NO.

In fact, the way I look at luck can be seen through these updated versions of these widely known encounters:

  • Breaking a mirror causes 7 years bad luck? Maybe. Breaking a mirror so that you sustain major glass cuts, particularly in the eyes? That’s bad luck.
  • Crossing a black cat’s path causes bad luck? Doubt it. Crossing a black cat that has a communicable airborne disease that you catch? That’s bad luck.
  • Walking under a ladder is bad luck? Ehhh…. Walking under a ladder that’s falling or closing on you? That’s bad luck.

Apply your own modernizations to some of these old phrases – it’s kind of fun when you consider how badly one of these situations could actually end up being.

Let Superstition Die

(Ironic how the original version did not correctly post due to a ScribeFire error. Great.)
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4 responses to “Superstition

  1. Ironic would be more of the fact that you said somephrase only twice, or threw salt over your right shoulder the first time you hit submit to prove a point, and only by saying something three times, or throwing salt over the left shoulder, did your submission go through…

  2. Friday the 13th is my lucky day. Also, black cats are cute. Black PUMAS are unlucky… As for ladders, someone drops a paint can and BOOM, you are red. It probably is just considered unlucky because of the high chance of something falling. As for mirrors, it is just class with silver. You don’t get bad luck for breaking glass, nor do you for breaking a one way mirror from the non-shiny side. It was just considered bad to break your reflection, and therein destroy the image of you.

  3. How about… don’t open an umbrella indoors?

  4. This is one thing I feel very strongly about. I am so glad that I have found someone else who supports the same side as me. I have friends who beleive in bad luck and good luck and I think its all a bunch of crap. :)) Great job!

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