Constant Cell Phone Echo

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For those of you that use cell phones, and I’m assuming that’s a majority of you, you may have noticed that when calling someone, you can sometimes hear yourself through the other end. It may only last for a couple of seconds as the person on the other end switches their hand position or something, but it’s kinda neat.

Alternatively, if you continue to hear yourself talk as you’re talking, it can get incredibly distracting. I christen this phenomenon the Constant Cell Phone Echo. What it boils down to is your ability to hear yourself a second after each word you say is said. Also, your ability to hear yourself as you speak plays into the distraction factor. For instance, while this is occurring, you may hear something like “How-ow are-re you-ou doing-oing?”. The delay may be shorter or greater than this, depending on a variety of factors. As such, it is still distracting to most.

Then again, this technique is sometimes used intentionally. You may have noticed in things like live TV news broadcasts that the anchor or reporter has some earbud in their ear. It’s not to jam out during the show; rather, it’s used so that the person speaking is able to hear what they’ve spoken, and make corrections to errors as necessary if they are able to catch it on the repeat. It also gives them a more clarified version of how they are sounding to their television audience.

Meanwhile, we turn now back to phones that do this. As many of us are not attuned to the constant echo, we get disoriented by it when we’re trying to talk. It is detrimental to a conversation, and is an overall annoyance. It serves no purpose, and, therefore, must be obliterated in some manner from this ever-changing technology.

Let Constant Cell Phone Echo Die

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