Ordering The Same Size Pizza With Less Pre-Cut Slices

https://i1.wp.com/images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/6300000/Pizza-Wallpaper-pizza-6333981-1024-768.jpgMy dad worked at pizza shop for many, many years, and regaled our family with plenty of stories from that time. Unfortunately, the business is now in somewhat of a disarray, but he’d always like to tell us of single customers that came in, ordered a pizza, and then uttered these words:

“Give me a medium, but only cut it into 6 slices – I don’t think I can eat 8.

Hopefully you’re seeing how this doesn’t make sense. It’s still the same size pizza – it’s just cut differently. So, if you think you’re saving yourself some calories, you’re only fooling yourself.

And that’s where I thought this post would end today. But then, I thought to myself…maybe this is psychological.

Think about it. Studies have shown we shovel more food in our mouths when we’re watching TV, yet feel less filled in doing so. Maybe the reverse applies as well – if we think we’re eating less, will the effects be lesser?

Science dictates “no”, but, I’d be interested to find out. Not that I’m planning on doing any experimentation myself…

Let Ordering The Same Size Pizza With Less Pre-Cut Slices Die

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