Sarah Palin, where can I even BEGIN…

Sarah Palin recently debuted in the public eye last year, when she was announced as the GOP’s pick for Vice President if John McCain were to win the November election. Fortunately, this didn’t happen. Anyway, Sarah Palin, through the course of the campaign, had various unseemly facts about her family revealed, such as her daughter’s pregnancy. Furthermore, Palin had been the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live, thanks to a brilliant performance by Tiny Fey.

Now, while we may have some sympathy for her at this point in the article, it’s my job to kill it. So, here are some reasons that Sarah Palin has overstayed her welcome:

  • ClothesPalin had been seen using campaign funds to purchase a very expensive wardrobe in the midst of the recession. That’s just asinine, if you’re trying to rope in the blue-collar Americans.
  • Word Choice It is from the infamous Katie Couric interview that many jokes about Palin spawned. Partially due to the odd tonal variety of Palin’s voice, the inability to easily answer questions hurt Palin’s credibility. MAVERICK.
  • CommitmentIt’s been speculated that Sarah Palin may be making a run at the 2012 presidential election. Now, in order to further one’s political career to build yourself up for this, do you a) Do radical and motivational things that prove you have the skills to lead, b) Make connections with world leaders, to show your foreign policy prowess, or c) quit your job in the first part of your first term because of the stress?
  • AttentionDespite the recent lull of media that once swarmed the anti-eloquent Palin, it seems as though Sarah just can’t get enough of it. For instance, take the interview that lasted longer than anticipated, causing Palin to be standing in front of a turkey farm, with turkeys being killed in the background. Also, we have the trainwreck of a resignment speech, ridiculed by many, and read as a poem by William Shatner on the Tonight Show. Lately, though, Sarah Palin has released a book, “Going Rogue”. While I have not nor do I intend to purchase this book, the attention that news stations have given the book’s contents is astounding. It’s a book. If we really want to know that side of the story, we’ll read the freakin’ book. I’d like my news stations, you know, to focus on actual NEWS. Not that Palin minds the attention, though.

Anyway. The key problem here is that Sarah Palin may indeed be an intelligent person, but uses a less educated style to appear more honest. That’s my take on it, and it may well be incredibly wrong. She may be dull as a whole, and that the perceived honesty is a side-effect. But with all the bad rap swirling about her and her actions…I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Let Sarah Palin’s Inarticulateness, Mannerisms, Actions, Style, Influence, etc, etc, etc. Die

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3 responses to “Sarah Palin

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  2. I think you’re just mad because she’s pretty and Hilary and Nancy look like a couple of cows.

    [Editor’s Note: True as that may be, I can assure you that’s definitely not the reason I wrote this article. -R]

  3. Preface: Not a Palinite.

    Comment: While your blog title implies this will be a vitriolic tirade against all the world’s evils (re: Stick People, Oprah’s newsworthiness, and any dog breed ending with the word -doodle), you’re showing your warm and fuzzy side. Although, I have to complement the skillful navigation of the Sarah minefield by pointing out her ludicrous affectations instead of picking apart her pitiful logic-like belief system.

    Hey, and putting her picture at the top of your blog is an excellent way to build those 10,000 hits. Her people are a volatile sort.

    Me, I just appreciate finely executed sarcasm with my coffee. Ahh…

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