Twilight and New Moon Fanaticism

Before we continue, I must say that this is a subjective article, as I’ve not read the book, nor watched the movie for either titular thing. With that being said…
Today, we were treated with images and views of people getting into late midnight showings of the Twilight movie sequel after having camped out for hours or even days. For a movie. Anyway, the romance depicted in the series has been a big selling point, coupled with the less than correct traditional depiction of vampires.

Now, who is the primary audience for these books, you may ask?

Understandably, teenage girls…

as well as their middle-aged moms.

Even my local newspaper did not resist the taint that Twilight hath spawned, featuring on the front page three people who camped out, wearing custom made Twilight apparel.

Okay, now, my few problems with this:

How is this news? Do I really want to start my morning talking about how many multi-millions of dollars were made at one single showing while the camera zips down the line of crazed fans who all scream at the attention. Then we move on to post-showing interviews, with generic comments and thoughts which didn’t enrich me in any way, given by fans dressed up like people they could only ever hope to be.

What’s the deal with Edward? Okay, he’s a vampire. Sure sure. He’s not a real person, he’s a character played by an actor. So STOP SAYING YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH HIM. “He” is nothing more than words on a page, in all technicality.

Why THIS movie/book series? I understand that people have dressed up for the Harry Potter movies, for the recent Star Trek movie, and the Star Wars movies. Yet, what bothers me about Twilight is how it combines the impossible with a thinly veiled love story. The fans also really creep me out, in attitude and dress. Also helped along by the limited character choices in the book.

I know I’ll be facing retaliation from those of you who are addicted in the ways I loathe, and even from those of you who took a passing interest in the book, and wish to refute my claims. I understand that, as long as it exists, there will be people there to support it. What I truly despise is the entire phenomenon – I don’t care about other people being so interested in a chick flick. I want to see things that matter – a cure for cancer, landing on Mars, stopping nuclear proliferation – but not a compulsive interest in a movie that offers so little.

Let Twilight/New Moon Fanaticism Die

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3 responses to “Twilight and New Moon Fanaticism

  1. lol nice blog =p

  2. LOL First time poster. I love your blog.

    However, I have to disagree here. Twilight is crazy creative and I must admit I can’t wait to see this sequel. 🙂

  3. It is not great writing or literature, but it is sadly popular.

    The expectations left by the first movie were not realized in New Moon. While we wanted to like it, there was not enough of anything there. 60 minutes of entertainment crammed into 2 hours and 10 minutes.

    Here is out take with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:

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