Primarily Telling Time By Using A Cell Phone

There’s nothing better than when you’re talking to someone, casually mention the time, and watch as the other person yanks at their pocket, stares just to the right or left of their crotch, and then continues their part of the conversation.

Yes, this person has just confirmed the time on their cell phone.

Now, in an area where a clock is not readily accessible, this is an okay practice. However, there is a device known as a watch, conferring the time to one who looks at it, and can be used as a status symbol.

But, when you use your phone for time checks when you wear a watch AND can easily see a clock face? Yeah, then we’ve got an issue.

The other day, when the aforementioned crotch situation arose, I stopped and asked the other person “Dude, couldn’t you just check the clock right behind me?”, to which he replied, “I can’t tell the time on the clocks with hands.”

Now, as a public service, I’ve decided to help everyone out a little. The “clocks with hands” are known as analog clocks. The short hand is known as the hour hand – whichever number it points to is the current hour. In situations where that hand is between numbers, the hour is the number closest to the hand, counter-clockwise. Do we get that? Good so far.

The minute hand is a bit trickier. It is longer hand of the clock’s workings. There may be 60 tiny dash marks upon the rim of the clock, each representing a single minute. The numbers represent 5 minute increments, in situations where these tick marks are not available. So, if the hour hand is between the 8 and 9, and the minute hand is about halfway between the 2 and 3, the time would be around 8:12 or 8:13.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the third grade. It was touch and go there for a minute, but you pulled through.

If this has been too much for you, though, I’ll summarize: Cell phones have made us lazy. Do we REALLY need a digital readout of the time in small, somewhat grainy numbers in order to know where the Earth is in relative rotation to the Sun for that day? Goodness knows what would happen if we needed to go back to sundials. Most of our technology-wired personalities would panic, and we’d impale ourselves on these ancient monoliths of time.

Come on, people. Learn to do stuff for yourselves, and not have everything handed to you on a small, smudged, easily breakable screen.

Let Using Your Cell Phone As Your Primary Time Source Die

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2 responses to “Primarily Telling Time By Using A Cell Phone

  1. If we had to go back to sun dials, I would probably try to connect ot the internet to find out how to use it. xD

  2. I decided for a while to slow time down by not making any appointments, not having a cell, and not wearing a watch… The rest of the world didn’t like it though.


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