“Your” Team


“So, Bob, how do you think the Bears are going to do against the Rams?”

“Well, I think we’ll do okay, but our star linebacker is out…”

Waitwaitwaitwait, what?

‘We’? ‘Our’? Say, when did you get drafted to the team? Are you part of the training staff? A coach, mayhaps?


Then you have no right to group yourself in with a team you enjoy watching.

Let “Your” Team Die

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2 responses to ““Your” Team

  1. good idea- but if we let that die, than nobody will really want to pay a lot of money on fanarticles etc. It’s an industry…

  2. Totally agree. It’s bad enough when people say we and our. What’s really bad is “my.” As in, “Oh, i’m suicidal because my Cubbies are losing.”

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