Blaming Tryptophan

(The lack of a post yesterday was due to a DSL set-up. I can proudly say I am quite pleased with Verizon’s service. For now, that is.)

Well, for those of you in America, I’d like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving today. For those of you outside the US, bear with me a bit.

Anyway, today, many of you probably enjoyed a meal rich in turkey, ham, corn, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, and other assorted foodstuffs. Perhaps you needed to adjust your pants to consume it all. Also, you may have quite possibly visited the bathroom at some point after the feast.

And then, after cleaning (or not!), you may have plopped down in a couch or chair, watched some football, and dozed off.

“Musta been all the tryptophan in that there turkey.” you gurgle upon waking. Well, newsflash – turkey’s amount of tryptophan is like those of other meats. So, singling out turkey is not precisely wise.

There may be a number of situations that led to your true tired status:

  1. You woke up at 6 AM to get the turkey ready, baste the ham, mash the potatoes, look up a last-minute recipe, set off the smoke alarm, get out your best china, and garnish your foods to perfection. After eating the food you laboriously prepared all day, you then need to clean up the kitchen, wash the dishes, take a shower, and then – just maybe – relax a little. So, no, your exhaustion is not quite due to the turkey alone.
  2. You slept for 12 hours, happy for the day off, and awoke to the smells of someone else making food for you. You then stumbled down to the kitchen, checked the situation, then bumbled over to the couch, to watch the parade or pre-game show. Then, when the food was finally finished, you engulfed most of the dinner, got seconds, and then indulged yourself in one or four “beverages”. Trying not to bounce into the walls too much, you manage to make it back to a piece of furniture, and nap.

Despite these scenarios, you really are tired due to carbohydrates. While the tryptophan does help the sleep process, the entire meal is usually a) much more than you’d regularly eat, and b) absolutely stuffed with carbs. So, don’t blame the turkey – just enjoy the meal and the ensuing drowsiness!

Let Blaming Tryptophan Die

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