Black Friday Shoppers

This post, while a tad late in coming, still addresses one of the most baffling things I find about our culture. We wake up at ungodly times of the morning to run out to popular chain stores in order to get the best deal. We snipe for parking spaces, line up hours before the store opens, and prepare to madly run in and grab the items we want before anyone else can rip them away.

Even still, there are a few more elements to Black Friday shopping than that. In order to get what we want while saving money, we push, shove, and take from others. Really, it’s like organized looting. While one doesn’t necessarily steal the item, there is a lot of harm that can befall people during this day.

Last year, this brutality was heavily publicized after the trampling death of a Wal-Mart employee. Due to this, Wal-Mart elected to stay open into Black Friday, and use alternate entrances for customers.

What are we, bulls? Do we really find this kind of madness acceptable? If you engage in this jostling for position, I hope you can sleep at night. Honestly, when you’re willing to minorly or majorly harm other human beings to save some money, it’s hard to look unselfish afterward.

Just…come on, people. Civility still exists, I hope.

Let Black Friday Shopper Behavior Die

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One response to “Black Friday Shoppers

  1. Hello from Ralph. This heading’s photo says it all! I mean…something’s definitely amiss when people don’t have anything better to do at 5:00AM than flood the stores. They rush to the mall like a buffalo stampede, then leave the place looking like a hurricane blew through it. There’s no good excuse for this frenzied pace. Peace On Earth? Fuhgetaboutit!

    Hey, if you get a chance…come see my own blog about The Dean Martin Show. You’ll find lots to like at, and there’s even more coming with each passing day. Cheers!

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