I’ve been wanting to write about this Internet Service Provider’s practices for a looooong time. I’ve put up with this company for 4 years, and I must say, all of the following is true. Despite how much I’d like to vilify this company with false facts, I won’t do it. Yet, I still think what I’ll list will surprise and infuriate you.

Anyway, I’ve recently left HughesNet Satellite Internet for Verizon DSL. The following is a list of troubles I’ve had with HughesNet, in no particular order:

  1. Bandwidth Cap When I first signed up for HughesNet, they were known as DirecWay, a company that, at that time, had some affiliation with DirecTV. Anyway, DirecWay allowed you to get up to so many MB of data (I believe my plan was at 175MB), and then you’d get drastically reduced service for 1-4 hours while the data bucket “refilled”. Annoying yes, but it got worse: When DirecWay was bought by Hughes, HughesNet increased all plans download caps by about 25MB. That sounds like a good thing. But, upon closer examination, they changed a few rules: If you downloaded beyond your cap, your service would be again cut drastically for 24 hours. Each hour of usage would also need to wait a full day before “clearing.” For example, If you downloaded 150MB in one hour, you’d need to spend wisely your remaining 50MB over the next 23 hours, or lose your service for a day. This part annoyed me most about the whole experience.
  2. Latency Simply put, latency affects real time transactions. It results in one having a high ping, which makes online multiplayer gaming and real-time stock trading nearly impossible to do efficiently.
  3. Cost After I’d “upgraded” my plan so I could get 400MB per 24 hours, I realized that I’d have to pay $70 a month for the service. I figured this was the best way to escape from the bandwidth problem, as I had no other alternative in my area. Now, I pay the same for my phone AND internet service, with none of the problems on this list thus far.
  4. Customer Service This is the straw that broke the camel’s back, paralyzed him from the neck down, and caused him to die in a puddle of his own waste. This summer, lightning struck my satellite dish, and caused a waterproofing seal to crack, allowing water to enter the lens of the receiver. Tech support said it’d be fixed within 5 days. So, 22 days later, the part was finally correctly installed. The problem? “We’ve been using your model of dish for spare parts for the better models.” Thus the delay. So, we practically blew a whole month of service waiting on a part that we were lucky to find. This made me realize that, were I to have future problems, it’d be unlikely that they’d be fixed quickly.

There are more factors I could list here, but I think they’d bore you a bit, so I’ll exclude them from this post. If you’d really like to know more, feel free to contact me through the options on the “About” page.

Anyway, if you have a choice, do not get HughesNet. In fact, I’d stay away from most satellite ISPs if you can. The bad really outweighs the good.

I’m pleased to say that yesterday, I terminated my service with them, and am quite happy with Verizon and have nothing bad to say about them.

Well. For now, that is.

Let HughesNet Die

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4 responses to “HughesNet

  1. I had hughesnet and the same trouble with them kicking me off for 24 hours and have since switched to another wireless but I keep tweeting about hughesnet to save other people misery. I saw your tweet and it led me here and I am so grateful that you still share the horrible experience so others won’t have to =]

  2. For now is the key words in your last statement.

  3. 200 MB cap for a day? Ouch. I would never get anything downloaded with that on, especially with the internet down once I exceed it…

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