Blog Update: Standardized Testing

My goal is to entertain you. However, as I’ve pointed out, important life events may detract from this fulfillment. So, I feel it my duty to inform you that I will be taking the SAT tomorrow, and, in preparation as well as cool-down, I will not be able to create posts for today or tomorrow. My brain’s fried as it is from taking a practice test in preparation, and I also feel that, while this blog is important, I’d like to focus on my future first. Rest assured that I’ll be back to normal operating conditions on Sunday.

Until then, check out a few sites on the blogroll. Or, if you happen to have suggestions for a Thing That Needs To Die™, send me an e-mail at , and I’ll accredit the idea to you when I elaborate upon it, should it be worthy of die-needing.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


2 responses to “Blog Update: Standardized Testing

  1. GLHF. no QQing.

  2. Good luck on the test. And the SAT is probably something that needs to die.

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