“Like” Like

Women have a higher tendency to do this, but I acknowledge those of all genders, races, and creeds can commit this act. The act is when one takes a word “Does he like you?” and then uses the same word again to change it’s meaning “Or does he like like you?”.

As you can see, love (or some lower denomination of attraction) is implied by the duplication. Provided for you are some further examples. Don’t expect anything amazing amazing, just some mediocre stuff. If you want, say them aloud. I won’t laugh at you too much for talking at a screen.

Is it cold cold out?
Do not ingest ingest.
Will you marry marry me?
There’s there’s an an echo! echo! echo! echo! echo!

A pretty simple concept. It’s not hard to grasp grasp it.

So, yeah. We don’t need need this!

Let ‘”Like” Like’ Die

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One response to ““Like” Like

  1. I’m like, so true man.

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