YouTube Pop Up Banner Ads

I figured I should give this new form of annoying advert a swing, so, here goes.

Ordinarily, I use AdBlock Plus to rid myself of aggravating advertisements, but I am trounced by a new foe: Banner advertisements that “rise up” during certain YouTube videos.

I understand that, what with the massive hosting costs that Google must endure with YouTube, advertisements will save them oodles. But I’m fairly certain that those of us who are not so easily distracted just want to see the video of our choosing. Lose 40 lbs. of belly fat in 3 “easy” steps? I think I’ll go back to watching this guy get repeatedly hit in the crotch, but thanks for letting me know.

I know this is another “perils of instant gratification” deal, but, there’s still something to be said for immersion, regardless of medium.

Let YouTube Pop Up Banner Ads Die

Oh yes, one other thing. There’s a quaint example of a video which recorded the adverts which appeared on another certain video. The ads aren’t clickable, but I should hope you wouldn’t want them to be. Semi-NSFW:


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