https://i2.wp.com/www.theiphoneblog.com/images/stories/2008/09/jott.jpgWhile I do think it’s neat to talk in to a microphone and see words appear on your screen, correct or not, I have a burning question about this software..

Why do we have it for phones?

Yes, yes, perhaps you shall rebuke me with “I have no thumbs! This makes texting easier!”, “Texting is better in certain area, like the movie theater or a hostage situation.”, or perhaps a well-meant “Texting is cheaper than calling for me, despite the hidden rates”. As I’ve mentioned before, the communication through text alone takes away one’s voiceprint, making tone and sarcasm all but indetectable. Why, then, do we need a service that uses your voice to convert into text messages when effective message-delivery can be accomplished with, um, YOUR VOICE?

Also, the thing I link to requires a plan in order to use. Not that it is devoid of useful features – the “voice-to-text message” thing is just excessive.

Ah, technology. Making shut-in social butterflies of us all, while providing so much expendable free time in which to so be shut in.

Let Voice-To-Text (For Phones) Die

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One response to “Voice-To-Text

  1. Phones need Voice-to-text-to-voice-to-text-to-voice translators so you can easily convert your voice into a text you can use to create a representation of your voice to be converted into text to make a representation of the representation of your voice into text to be converted into….

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