Do Blogs Need To Die?

After receiving varying opinions about the viability of blogs, I’ve decided to address those of you who have come up with ideas as to better uses of my time. Now, I do realize that my blog’s title comes across as a late entry to an old YouTube fad, but this does not stop me from giving my opinions day after day. Here are some other areas in which I’ve been advised to write, as well as my dissenting remarks about the suggestions.

Twitter Is The New Blogging

But is it really? I know it’s useful if you’re a celebrity and can instantly attract millions of followers, but for the average person, I’m not so sure.

I pride myself in the knowledge that what I have to say is usually longer than 140 characters, and I already put the advertising potential of Twitter in practice through WordPress’s Publicize! option. Also, I don’t like to talk about my life on the internet, at least not at length. No one cares that I didn’t eat breakfast this morning, that I stabbed myself trying to catch a pencil, or that I had fast food for dinner. It’s just not interesting. ASCII Art, though…hmmm…

Vlogging Is The New Blogging

Okay, this is a good concept in theory. I could give the gift of my voice while recording a relatively uninteresting view of my face. Or, I could attempt some Flash animation or use some puppets. Sadly, I am not terribly good at either of these things, so I must suspend the idea for now.

Pictures Are The New Blogging can easily be seen by the illustrious Cheezburger sites, pictures are worth a thousand words, a funny caption, a 5-second look at the picture, and many useless comments usually unrelated to said picture. Anyway, I do try to provide some eye-candy in my blog, but it’s really the words that matter. Giving character to those words, well, proves to be a daunting task at times.

Personal Blogging

Twitter, fortunately, does seem to have cut down on this agonizing practice, yet it is still somewhat prevalent. Personal blogging is simply blogging about your life’s events for whatever interval you update on. If you have humor, wit, and tact, as well as a large stat placement in charisma, you will probably be successful. But if you think glittery fonts, heavily pixelated cell-phone pictures of your cat, and an excessive use of exclamation points are entertaining, I’m going to pass on reading.

Spreading The Word

This is truly the area in which I’ve caught the most flak. I’ve more or less doggedly tried to get views and buzz started about this quaint little site, with little to show for it – so far. But I do recommend getting your voice heard. People will disagree with what you have to say – some people will not share any views with you at all. While this does open the door for debate, you can’t force anyone to do anything. As much as I want a million views overnight, I know there’s a strong possibility that won’t happen.

I apologize to those upon whom feel intruded. I do suppose public chat rooms, social networking sites, and the Internet at large is certainly no place for advertising a web site.


I think, like it or not, blogs are here to stay. The varied types, styles, and topics of blogs provide many different points of view while serving to interests as varied as each person is. I am off-put, but not deterred by my “age-old communication method”.

And for those of you who may be thinking about starting a blog, or a vlog, or a Twitter account: Do it because you love it. If you regret starting such a thing, then let it die, but you should be doing this for you. It’s fantastic if you manage to acquire a large following, but sometimes the best things on the Internet are found in the quaintest of corners.

Sorry for the spiel.
And it is due to the impact that blogs can still have that I say
Blogs Don’t Need To Die

(Although, I might be a bit biased.)

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3 responses to “Do Blogs Need To Die?

  1. Interesting. I have one blog that I don’t post anymore, but I haven’t let it die. There are more than 1,100 posts and it has become an integral part of the newer blog.

    Twitter, I am on Twitter, personally I find it about as much use as tits on a bull.

    With my blogs, I find my days of incessant barking are over. There are actually people who listen to me out there.

    I find images on posts to be essential and not just eye candy, although I do love that expression.

    Enjoyed you post, not only this one, I have read further down the page and I am going to follow as soon as I stop dribbling here.

    Good luck


  2. and then I find no follow widget… I will link anyway.


  3. Thanks for the emails. I see what you mean about the image, resize it to the size of you sidebar and reinsert.


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