Comment “Reply” Feature innocuous “Reply” button at the bottom of one’s comment is meant to streamline discussions, allowing one to have a mini-discussion within a comment tree.

In theory, this makes sense. In practice, a much different scenario occurs.

As soon as the obligatory “First!” is uttered, the reply system will degenerate into this handy recipe:

Comments à la King
Serves 1 to 100,000
Prep Time: < 1 sec.
Cook Time: Until comments locked

1 original post
1 “reply to comment” system
Commenters (as many as desired)
1 tbsp. salt

1. Fit original post into commenting system. Be sure not to crack the shell.
2. Let tensions boil as comments stack up.
3. Mix in well-meant “You’re all idiots” comments to suit taste.
4. Gingerly place the loud-mouthed commenters near the top of the list, to give flavors of false popularity and intelligence.
5. Watch until bored, then throw out the dish.

If you have your own alphabetized set of HTML spices, feel free to use as much or as little as you wish. Store in a dark, refrigerated basement.

So, yeah. As much as I love reading comments that have nothing to do with the original commenter’s review, or even the post itself, certainly you have a more creative use of your time?

Then again, maybe you don’t….

Let The Comment Reply Feature Die

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4 responses to “Comment “Reply” Feature

  1. You just say that because you don’t get any comments.

  2. Not first and proud of it.

  3. Except in those cases where someone like me is commenting on your blog merely just to obtain a back link to my website with some key search words that help me rise in the Google rankings…. gosh, I really have to agree with you: Time to get rid of those useless comments.

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