I’m Not Gonna Lie

https://i1.wp.com/blogs.nature.com/news/thegreatbeyond/bears%20car.jpgThis sentence starter, seemingly a habit for some, opens the door for all content after it to be put in question. Also, it makes what should be known sound self-serving, even if it has no relation to the subject.

For instance: “I’m not gonna lie, that bear could eat a Mini Cooper.”

Outlandish as that example is, I’m just not sure why you’d need to start out with that saying. Unless you’re a terrible liar, or a starting politician. Or something.

Let “I’m Not Gonna Lie” Die

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3 responses to “I’m Not Gonna Lie

  1. Yes, it ranks right up there with “Quite frankly,” “in all honesty,” “Honest to God,” etc.

  2. Agreed…

  3. This is just about the same thing as people who say “And I’m not even lying” in their sentence.

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