How’s Visual Interface Handles Bold, I’m cataloging annoyances. Sometimes they’re just very specific annoyances.

Anyway, this blog is generously provided to me by In order to make blog posts, one can use a WYSIWYG (pronounced “wizzy-wig”) editor in order to publish blog posts. Sounds easy to use in theory, right?

Well, also makes you use a theme that you must pre-select upon blog creation. You can purchase an upgrade to change the CSS, but that’s not what I’m here for at the moment. Anyway, each theme handles headers, default text color, and other HTML things a little differently. And therein lies the problem.

Now, when I want something bolded in my posts, I want it to be the color that I select for it, such as white. So, when I click the little “B” in the editor, I assume it’ll do what I want it to; after all, it looks fine in the editor.

However, doing so will produce a result like this. Well, that’s not white, now is it? It should look like this. The reason this happens is due to how interprets “Bold”. It uses the HTML tags <strong> and </strong>, rather than <b> and </b>, causing the strange coloration.

That may not sound like much of a problem, but when I edit my posts using that interface rather than ScribeFire, I have to manually change all instances of <strong> to <b>. This is a pain for long articles.

Then again, there is a little smiley face at the very very bottom of the theme, so that mitigates this a bit.

Let How’s Visual Interface Handles Bold Die

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3 responses to “How’s Visual Interface Handles Bold

  1. Can you do BOLD in comments? What about THE ANNOYING NOT-BOLD?

  2. It also doesn’t help that the annoying not-bold looks like a link.

    Then again, what do I really expect for free.

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