Bottled Water

A necessity for survival, clean water is something that much of the world takes for granted. With only less than 3% or so of the world’s water being usable freshwater, the life sustaining qualities of such pristine water is highly desirable.

On the human level, developed countries have some form of water distribution system, either through city water grids or rural area wells. This water is purified and, in some cases, fortified. Easily accessible in homes, this water not only is relatively inexpensive, but also is an overlooked luxury.

Why, then, do we demand that equivalent quality H2O be sold to us for a profit in containers that will take many years to degrade?

For you purists out there, I’ll go down through the questions you’d like to hurl at me to stump my argument. Here goes.

But, this is PORTABLE water!

Yep. You have water in a container. Congratulations! Why can’t you buy a refillable, sturdier container that can hold the same amount if not more of tap water? It’s eco-friendly, and good quality models won’t pose the risk of leeched chemicals infecting your water.

This water’s better for me because it’s from a spring! See, it says right here.

I tend to look at these claims the way I look at things on the Internet: With a high amount of speculation. How can you be certain that your water is from that alleged spring? More importantly, is there really a difference when ingesting an all but tasteless liquid?
There’s probably other arguments to my “radical” ideology: If something leaps to mind, post it in the comments. I’ll be happy to refute you.

However, there is one exception: If you are in a foreign land and are unsure of the quality of the local water source, then bottled water as rations is perfectly suitable.

For recreational use when you have the same quality water readily available, however? Well then, I say to you…

Let Bottled Water Die

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  2. Down with expensive tap water!

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