You, Mary Murphy







Oh yes, it’s worse than that.

Looks strange, doesn’t it? Well, Mary, that’s a rough estimate of what you sound like when you are “judging” someone on So You Think You Can Scream Really Loud and Get Paid A Lot of Money. Well, unfortunately, it seems you can. If only text had volume.

When I have the misfortune to hear your psychotic mind-piercing voice, I push the crap out of the Mute button. As a TV “personality”(scoff), you are hardly worse than many reality show people, and this is a sad thing. It’s people like you who have effectively ruined constructive criticisms and any sort of required effort in order to get some air time. You’ve inspired… no one. Good role models hardly scream like monkeys after watching someone dance. I’d rag on the whole “dancing” thing, too, but I’ve limited myself to people, so, I’ll continue with you.

Your failure to conceive even slight opinions without having to screAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAm them enrages me. Get off my TV.

You, Mary Murphy, need to shut up.

In Things That Don’t Need to Die news: The Soup is an amazing credit to today’s entertainment TV at large. Thanks, Joel McHale (on the off-chance you are reading this, but I can hope, can’t I?)!


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