Useless Smart Phone Apps

(Special Thanks to Chaddledee for this idea.)
Ah, the Smartphone: A computer that you can make calls with. Granted, in some cases it’s the slimmed down, easier to use, feature-restricted version of a computer, but it can do some impressive things.

And with these impressive things comes a variety of third party goodies, known as apps, short for ‘applications’ (or, seemingly, Apple. But that’s an opinion of mine). Makes sense, while again using computer terminology.

But the power to design apps is not limited to certain people – almost anyone can do so with a little know-how. And that causes grief. How, you may ask?

Well, things can go bad if apps are designed poorly. Here are just a few ways in which that can be done:

The Internet Capable App
Theory: Displays content from a website in bite-sized mobile format. When executed well, it provides quicker access to content. Hooray!
How It Goes Bad:
What if one simply designs an app that takes you to the site using your own in-phone browser? Bonus: They make you pay for the ability to do so! Not only are you receiving content you could easily access FOR FREE, but you’ve paid a shady developer just to learn this fact!

The “Because I Can” App
Theory: There’s no way I can make this sound like a good thing for the end-user, so, read on.
How It Goes Bad: There is no clearer example of this than the “I Am Rich” app, released in 2008, for a cost of $999. I didn’t miss a decimal point. Anyway, you’d expect that this should do something amazing, right? Nope: It simply displays an image of a red-diamond-like object with a glowing red light behind it. That’s all it does. No, really.

To be honest, I’m not sure if that particular app is still in the store or not…I certainly hope not, but all the same, no one needs these do-nothing, “look at my disposable cash” kind of programs.

The Limitations Placed Upon an App

Theory: Keep users from accessing things that are potentially harmful to their devices, and keep all the worthless apps out of the database.
How It Goes Bad: Well, an app like “I Am Rich” got through all right, didn’t it? There have been other questionable choices made by Apple on some things placed or not placed in the App Store, enraging some. Jail-breaking your device, while an option, is not terribly legal and could cause system instability in the name of lifting system restrictions. A slippery slope.

As you can see, my worldview on this idea is a bit limited. However, with every new technology, there’s going to be someone, somewhere, that produces a crappy product for it and still makes money. Look at all the games based on poorly performing movies. While it is almost predetermined that they will utterly fail, people still buy these things. So yes, it’s partially their fault…

But we don’t need all this e-waste.

Except as objects to criticize in blog posts, of course.

Let Useless Smart Phone Apps Die

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