Using Handicap Parking When You Shouldn’t“Oh, I’ll just be a minute.”
     “I just need to get a few things. It’s fine, right?”
“It doesn’t count because the lines are faded and the snow is covering it.”

Yes, there’s a glut of excuses for parking in those blue-lined spaces that are reserved for people who are injured in some fashion. The wheelchair-stickman is supposed to indicate this, although time and time again, injury-free people use these spaces for their own gain. Used for convenience rather than necessity, these spaces help reveal one’s inner morals and level of compassion.

Also, once more born from the need of convenience, are those people who do have a legitimate injury, say a broken limb, that requires a cast or other apparatus. They get the appliance, and also receive a handicap placard that is good for longer than their recovery time. When one uses the placard after they’ve recovered is really where you can see one’s sense of narcissism.

We know that convenience is why one desires these special spots, but at what cost? It is, again, usually true that nothing disastrous befalls these offenders, except looks of distaste, and occasionally a $200 fine or so. Why don’t we do more?

Well, it may be due to the sheer amount of handicapped spaces available nowadays. So many such that they are not used on a regular basis by the really injured, opening the door for moral questionability.

And that little fact brings us to the final question I’m going to cover for today: Why do we find this to be such an aggravating action? Well, even if the odds are 1 in 1,000 that a handicapped person will show up and need that space, it’s the very chance that one might require it that sparks our hatred.

So, would you like to walk the extra 50 or so feet to get to your destination? Or would you like to be remembered for taking the last spot while a wheelchair-ridden amputee circles the lot?

(Even without making you get in your cars, I sent some of you on a guilt trip. Zing.)

Let Using Handicap Parking When You Shouldn’t Die

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3 responses to “Using Handicap Parking When You Shouldn’t

  1. It’s a hummer! You automatically know it’s a guy with a small p**is!!!


  2. That picture is worth about 2000 words!

    As far as something else that should be allowed to die, might I suggest parking spaces for pregnant women and mothers with babies?

  3. Certainly! While I don’t like to do much of the same topic back-to-back, I’ll keep it in mind for a later time.

    (Unless I’ve just missed a dose of sarcasm, that is.)

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