DVDs For Your Dog

Want to experience the peaceful outdoors from your own home? Take a virtual tour of beautiful parks, snowy hills, and even sandy desert lands! Rediscover the sights and sounds of nature while relaxing in your comfy bed! Just “beg” your master to order this boxed set for the low, low price of $59.99! There’s no shipping and handling! Call today!

Something sound a bit strange with that pitch? Maybe the last line?

Well, it should; the above is an exaggerated version of the description for a collection of DVDs aimed at animals. Yes, animals.

Think about this with me a moment: Ever see a commercial with a pet on TV? And you try and point out that pet to your dog? Well, the dog will basically look at your finger and wonder what you’re doing. “Maybe there’s food left on it”, your dog will think, and never will acknowledge the television until the commercial has been long over.

The description also had included the phrase “featuring sounds only your dog can hear!”. Uh, from a purely realistic perspective, how are you going to confirm this? Not everyone has highly sensitive audio technology stashed away in their attic.

So, if you want your dog to experience nature like he “never has before”, walk him sometime. I don’t care if it’s by proxy, like through a local dog-walking service, or if you take it upon yourself, but your pet will enjoy it.

They’re not going to be stimulated by digital likenesses, they’re going to be stimulated by the real thing.

Let DVDs For Your Dog Die

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3 responses to “DVDs For Your Dog

  1. The whole industry of useless pet stuff should die. Like the dog bark translating machine.

  2. Unless those DVDs come with a set of opposable thumbs prosthetics, my dog’s not gonna be able to use the remote.

  3. Eh, yeah, BUT I actually stumbled on your site while looking for videos for my dog… she’s on 8 weeks of strict crate rest following a back injury- in the crate 24/7, except for 5 min potty breaks. I think it totally sucks for her, especially when I’m at work. She’s used to being able to go out the dog door into the yard all day. I put her crate in front of the window, but it’s just not the same. I was watching a Nat Geo program about wolves, and she kept perking her ears when they howled, so… *shrug*

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