Taking Fortune Cookies Seriously

engrish, fortune, cookie, handsome-is-that-handsome-dAnother piece of mind-boggling media, fortune cookies are somewhat tasty, hard, shaped wafers containing a scrap of paper inside. After most finish their Chinese food, they crack open this stomach-friendly container to reveal a scrap of paper!

But it’s no ordinary scrap of paper! No! It’s a piece of paper that will reveal what’s next for you, for good or ill. Also, you may occasionally find that the slip of parchment can teach you things, too! Want to learn Chinese? Bam! Do it a word at a time with some types of these cookies.

Need some lucky numbers? Don’t worry, the cookie contains all! Pick from your favorite of 4, 12, 22, 39, 51, 78, or 198072391! Clearly, these are important; important enough to not tell you what they mean…yet.

No matter how obscure, you’re bound to experience something extraordinary due to this unassuming wafer.

Just don’t eat the paper. Unless you need that extra fiber.

Let Taking Fortune Cookies Seriously Die

“Swift and courteous may be your feet”

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2 responses to “Taking Fortune Cookies Seriously

  1. You mean there’s pieces of paper in fortune cookies!!! Who knew! Now I know why they give me gas. Joking. Found your blog through coping koala’s and had to drop by because of the name. I can think of plenty of things that need to die, if you ever find yourself getting to the bottom of your list. 🙂

    • Very nice to meet you, Dave. I’m always open to suggestions, even for the most bizarre topics (as you’ve no doubt seen from this very entry). Feel free to just post them here in the comments, or contact me through a method on the ‘About’ page.

      This offer is open to every one of you readers, by the way. I thrive on feedback.

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