Being Overly Superlative

This is the funniest thing you will read today! No, I mean it! Honest. I’m not gonna lie.

Anyway, you know people that do this? Maybe it’s a friend or coworker, and they come up to you and say “I’ve had the best/worst/funniest/weirdest/crappiest day ever.” and then proceeds to talk your ear off about it?

Well, I’ve got a problem with this. You can’t consistently be having the most [adjective] [noun] ever every day. That YouTube video of the monkey smoking? Sure, it’s chuckle-worthy, maybe. But unless you lead a very dull life, it’s not the best clip ever to roam the Internet.

Use some better words, people. I know our culture is dominated by “bigger, better, more, most” and the like, but, not everything can fit the bill.

See? The absolute funniest thing you’ve seen, right? Now, try and remember it 3 hours from now. Then, you’ll understand what I mean.

Let Being Overly Superlative Die

Photo Credits: XKCD


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