Do Glasses Need To Die?, with the other options currently available, are becoming little more than an outmoded fashion choice. Contacts are an all-but-invisible solution to vision problems, and Lasik eye surgery can do away with the need for corrective lenses altogether.

But, contacts can manage to wind up a long way from where they started. In order to remove them, you need to almost gouge out your eye just to recover the lost lens. Also, pray that you don’t rip your contact, because then it’s all but useless.

Oh yeah, if you need to take your contact out for an extended period of time, you’d better pray to the vision deities for some way to keep it moist, or you’ll be holding that lens on your tongue.

And, as with any surgery, Lasik has various risks. And medical costs. Neither of which I bothered to look up.

So, glasses are essentially the ultimate back-up option, but 6 times out of 10, they’re going to be more reliable than your flimsy contacts or dangerous surgery.

…I’m biased again here, as I’m a glasses wearer. They make me look less like a dinosaur.

But, they’re also a pain to clean. Eurgh.

To each their own.

Let Glasses, Contacts, and Lasik coexist! Until we get bionic eyes, that is.

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2 responses to “Do Glasses Need To Die?

  1. I think glasses are cute. The only contact lenses I like are the ones with catseye pupils and such. :p

  2. Glasses serve a real purpose and I have both contacts and glasses, when I want to be lazy, I use the glasses, my eyes don’t like the contacts for late night studying, I feel Glasses don’t need to die, just certain annoying people who happen to also think that glasses make them smarter.

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