All around the world, there are currently about 1 billion people who have chosen to take 14 years off their lives. They also choose to endanger others and alienate people.

These people are smokers. is the activity of inhaling the smoke of tobacco or other plant substance. Regarded by some as “an act of rebellion”, smoking is usually introduced in one’s adolescent years. Up until recently, smoking was regarded as socially acceptable. Even before that, it was almost thought to be “healthy”.

But I’m not here to talk about the history of smoking. Nor am I here to pick on the debate for cannabis legalization.

I’m here to talk to those of you who smoke a lot.

Now, I’m not going to take any of your bullcrap. I don’t care if you’ve heard it all before. I don’t care if you only smoke low-tar, calcium-enriched cigarettes. So, cram it. This stuff is dangerous. But why is it dangerous to you, personally? Well, I can’t account for everyone, but here are just a few avenues in which this activity is problematic.

  1. Harm To ReputationThe least important avenue of this list, one’s reputation is scarred if one chooses to smoke heavily. Maybe your employer will be less likely to keep you on if you have to go out 6 times a day to light up. Also, unless carefully concealed, you will reek of the smell, causing those around you to form opinions even if they’ve never met or never will meet you. Finally, it will be a lot harder to work on your computer, as it is likely to be full of unsavory debris, although that example is more from personal experiences.
  2. Harm To OthersSmoking will adversely affect human beings. Those around you, fellow smokers or not, will inhale secondhand smoke, which is thought to be just as toxic (if not more so) than your own inhalations. You will harm the lifespan of your loved ones if they are exposed to your smoke leavings for too long. Also, this smell of constant smoke is simply not pleasant. Burning your cancer stick is likely to burn a few bridges for you, too.
  3. Harm To YourselfAnd, speaking of cancer stick, smoking will kill you off sooner than you would have had you not started. In fact, there’s thought to be about half a million deaths in the United States annually due to smoking-related diseases. Many health problems await from the additives within cigarettes. Also, you’ll inherit a nice, deep, guttural, and painful cough that will be full of phlegm. Furthermore, your ability to partake in physical exercises will be reduced – your inability to breathe at your full potential will hinder prolonged activity. But, the thing to remember from all of these “side-effects” is that you will die from this, whether or not you need to.

I know I’ll be getting comments from people saying “I only smoke once in a while”, or “I lived to be 106 and smoke and drank all my life”, or even “Hey, man, make pot legal. You know, like, for medical things, man, and stuff.”

To the former, I say, you’d better damn well make sure you’re not lying to yourself. It will come back to bite you. Trust me.

To the next, I say, you’re an exception that proves the rule. For every 1 of you who is able to live this long, despite your reduced probability to seemingly accomplish that, millions of others will die prematurely.

To the latter, I say, get out of here. You’re a junkie. I don’t want to here about your mystical adventures as a rock-climber on Knuckles And Palm Mountain. I don’t want to trip over your hemp trousers, either.

Get a grip, people. When you smoke extremely heavily, you’ve made the decision to have a slow, painful suicide., I’m stepping on some toes with this one. And I don’t care. Because it was not my decision for you to take it up.

These feelings are mirrored by society at large, too: Many restaurants have smoking bans. Additionally, even movies are now getting more restrictive ratings for the glamorization of smoking.

I do feel sympathy for those of you who have tried to quit, but just can’t. My advice is to keep trying. If you are able to break the habit, I congratulate you with my entire being, and I hope you spend all your newly acquired years to the fullest.

Those of you who still wish me harm, however, for being an anti-smoking advocate…

En garde.

Let Smoking Die

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2 responses to “Smoking

  1. Try not to think too hard about how virtually every other harmful substance you could put in your body is illegal except for the one with a multi-billion dollar industry behind it. And by multi-billion, I mean Philip Morris USA, the company that makes Malboro cigarettes, was making billions in the 60’s and has since climbed to $80 billion yearly, despite two of their main advert stars dying of lung cancer.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post, I hadn’t taken a look at your blog before so there is a lot still to look at.

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