Finding Stuff In Your Food I was a wee lad of about 12 or so, my brother and I greatly enjoyed the “single serve” bags of chips. You know the kind – they come in a giant box/bag, and are usually full of Red and Blue Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, and a couple other “ito”-like chip-based snacks. Now, one day, as my brother was munching on some nacho cheese Doritos, he found something. It wasn’t a great treasure or alien-encrusted meteor – it was a translucent, spiral-shaped piece of plastic. Like the kind you see on the end of spiral based notebooks.

Now, we were wondering how, exactly, that went unnoticed. The thing barely fit in the bag diagonally. So, we did what anyone looking for free stuff justice would do: sent a complaint, along with the offending item and bag.

As a result, we got a non-expiring manufacturer’s coupon for 6 free bags of family-size Frito-Lays chips. Score!

While that particular anecdote had a happy ending and caused no personal harm, it is always disgusting to find something in your food. Usually it’s a piece of curly, colored, creepy hair.

When that happens, you get to see how passionate you are about that particular food. Do you:
A) Stop immediately and return the food/throw it out?
B) Eat around the offending hair?
C) Casually flick the hair on to the floor and continue to devour?

Sometimes, though, finding unnecessary gewgaws in your food can be downright hazardous. Take the massive Hot Pocket recall a few years ago, for instance. Those people probably weren’t amused, despite the already plastic-like quality of a Hot Pocket.

So, food: Let’s keep it clean.

Let Finding Stuff In Your Food Die

Photo Credits: Here (I miss you, Mr. Larson!)


3 responses to “Finding Stuff In Your Food

  1. Haha, I do C) if it’s a hair. It’s mostly my hair. I make my own meals. 😛

    But if it’s not mine, I would just do A). I don’t like it xD

  2. I am so tired of finding things in my food. Do you know of any kind of complaint website strictly pertaining to this and ranting on this topic?

    • I do not, but it certainly seems like a fun/disgusting avenue of discussion. I’ll keep a look out! (And, if all else fails, I may start one myself. Hehe.)

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