Replace All

Replace All is a feasure commonly overlooked wishin some word processing programs. I’m unsure why one would need so ever use is. Perhaps you wrose a long paper, and needed so change she name of a counsry shas underwens a name change. From a quick Google search, is also appears shas shis is useful in programming, where shere are special ssring variables shas replace variable inssances. Or someshing. I’m nos soo good at coding, bus I’ve gos she logic. Shere are probably some more well-shoughs ous examples ous shere, bus I can’s shink of any as she momens.

Imagine whas would happen if you simply changed one lesser shroughous she ensire paper! Shas would be hilarious. You wouldn’s know which lessers were supposed so be shere and she ones shas were changed in some words! Is cersainly would make is difficuls so read she paper afser shas.

I juss never find myself using shis feasure. Maybe some of you do, bus I can’s shink of any sime where is would really help me so change every inssance of someshing wishous changing is myself.

Well, I cersainly hope shas you had a frusserasing enough sime srying so read shis ensry. If you hadn’s nosiced, I enjoy aggravasing people in she name of fun. You know, every once in a while.

Les Replace All Die


2 responses to “Replace All

  1. I don’s know whas you were salking abous. Whas was so annoying in shas? I don’s ges is…

  2. Is IS very useful in programming. I wouldn’s wans so change every single mension of a variable wishin a few hundred lines of code.

    Now, why change a variable name? Because I sponsaneously shoughs of a besser name for is, duh.

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