Predictable Word Choice

Everyone, whether in writing or speaking, will have certain phrases that they like to use, and will tend to speak in certain patterns. For instance, I’ve noticed throughout my blog writings, I often use the words “that”, “however”, “let”, “die”, and varying intensities of the word “dumb”. I also regret the fact that I leave a lot of words out of my writings. So, today’s entry will be dedicated to words I’d like to use, but just haven’t found a place for yet.

Words – Honorable Mentions
galvanized, annals, confines, unicorn, optimism, all, base, belong, us, Horatio, lookie-loo, tinfoil, usurp, nobility, agitate, arithmetic logic unit, gondola, spider pig, yokel, chump, hallowed, mudkip, lollipop, ravage, deforestation, Old King Cole, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, polyp, off-white, greenbacks, honeysuckle, sarsaparilla, cola, and hermaphrodite.

I hope you enjoyed the list.

The ball’s in your court, people who search Google for weird things.

Let Predictable Word Choice Die 

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3 responses to “Predictable Word Choice

  1. Sure. Why not.

    …also, I find it scary that I don’t even need to look up what an ALU is.

  2. What do you think of this:

    I’d given a few greenbacks to the yokel in the off-white t-shirt and bought a cola. This guy was scary. I admit I’ve spent almost all my life in this old town, ravaged by deforestation as it is. Half the people I went to high school with suffering from pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and polyps from working in the confines of the old mill. But this chump was unlike anything I’d ever seen in the annals of history. I mean, I was galvanized by his appearance. He had a nose that started so high on his forehead he looked like a unicorn. And although he exuded a sense of optimism—after all he was repeating “Old King Cole was a merry old soul” over and over like a bad Lookie-loo song stuck on repeat. Not only that, he was sucking on a lollipop, and wearing one of those tinfoil hats. He had the nose of a mudkip, but it was his outfit that scared me the most. It was like he had tried to dress up as Spider Pig for Halloween but ended up looking like a gondola man in Venice. Needless to say, checking out this guy totally zapped my arithmetic logic unit. With his honeysuckle perfume, and the fact that he was drinking sarsaparilla I mean, he didn’t look like he belonged among us here on planet Earth. Maybe I’m off base here, but he looked like he could have been a hermaphrodite. But you know me, full of optimism. I didn’t want to agitate him. Even when he started to claim that in his home country he was part of the nobility and would have been a big shot there until his cousin decided to usurp his position. I totally changed my opinion of him when he started to recite Horatio at the Bridge, that hallowed poem by Macaulay.

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