Road Noises In Radio Commercials

“You’d better get down here to Smith’s Car Mart, because these deals are Hot, Hot, HOT!” blares the radio, issuing the sound of a police siren to finish the commercial.

Being the first time this commercial aired, I pretty much swerved all over my lane, and anxiously checked my rear-view mirror in order to see if I would be getting pulled over, or if I needed to get out of the way. As I am a new driver, tickets would have have higher repercussions for me. First, my parents wouldn’t be terribly happy about it. Second, the penalties are increased simply because you’re a new driver and should, therefore, somehow have a better idea of what you should be doing.

What a fun logic puzzle that is. But I digress.

After seeing that there was absolutely no other traffic around me, I relaxed a little, my fear converting itself into anger. True, I did have the radio up a wee bit too loudly. That’s my fault. Is it my fault, though, for using sound effects that are intended to draw attention to an emergency vehicle? I didn’t think so., I don’t need to be hearing these false sounds including trucks back-firing during an interview, sirens, motorcycle revving, and screeching tires. Satellite or FM, advertisement or musical score,  it’s just not helpful.

I’m not sure why a siren would motivate me to buy a car anyway. Seems like I’d be getting stolen property.

Let Road Noises In Radio Commercials Die

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One response to “Road Noises In Radio Commercials

  1. Yeah, and while we’re on the subject, why do comedy shows have to have fake audience laughs. Like I don’t know if something’s funny otherwise?

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