https://i2.wp.com/images.encyclopediadramatica.com/images/e/ea/EVILDIABEETUS_.jpgAllen Wilford Brimley, better known as Wilford Brimley, is an actor who frequently appears in commercials. He’s also done some movies, but that’s not what we’re concerned with today.

Most infamously, Wilford Brimley appears on Liberty Medical commercials, taking about “diabetes testing supplies”. The problem is, he pronounces diabetes not like “DIE-A-BEET-EES” as you’d expect, but instead spews out the pronunciation of “DIE-A-BEET-US”.

From this phrase, the Internet has spawned a great deal of….eh…”creativity”. There are various YouTube remix videos of him saying the phrase over and over and over again, until the watcher has developed a psychological fear of it. Search for it yourself – I didn’t find any of the results to be good enough to share here.

So why does this need to die, exactly?

Because Mr. Brimley has also tried, in some later commercials, to correctly pronounce the phrase. The weird thing is, he is able to do so, but cannot maintain any consistency in pronunciation choice throughout the commercial.

Pick one or the other, please. Better yet, don’t say it at all. My brain is terrified of your voice now, thanks to those YouTube videos.

Let Diabeetus Die. A Beet Us.

Photo Credits: Here


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