https://i0.wp.com/www.mordantorange.com/images/comics/misc/tannedtoast.gifYou know, ultraviolet rays are best AVOIDED. The skin’s mechanism to increase melanin production is a defense mechanism.

Sure, you may have “that radiant glow” now, but keep it up and you’re eventually going to look like a
large piece of leather. At the very least, you’re going to be more susceptible to skin cancer.

See? I’m not a lonely, secluded computer geek, I’m practicing cancer prevention!

Let Tanning Die

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2 responses to “Tanning

  1. I’ll debate this one. You could say that building an immunity to disease is a defense mechanism, so avoiding all germs is the ideal solution — but you can’t avoid germs and bacteria your entire life, and you probably won’t be able to avoid the sun your entire life either. It’s best to have those defenses built up so your exposures to those things don’t cause serious harm.


    There IS such a thing as taking it too far, of course, just as there is with anything. People who tan religiously, going to tanning salons and spending hours out in the sun every day? Those are the ones who are cooking their insides. It’s excessive and unhealthy, and when their autopsy is indistinguishable from a bucket of KFC done in bad grease, I’m not sympathetic.

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