Seen vs. Saw boy, another grammar lesson! I’m keenly aware of how…excited everyone is for these things.

Anyway, today’s lesson has more of a focal point on speech, and the various forms of “see”.

Commonly, people will not know the difference between the tenses of the word see. For example, “I seen that bear the other day. It frightened the pooped pants off me.” This usage is incorrect. The correct usage would be something like this: “I saw that bear, near the mini-mall. Strangely, there were some pants lying next to me. They looked about my size, so I took them home with me.”

Saw is the past tense of see. Saw is used when talking about a definitive past event, and is also used to cut wood.

Seen is the perfect past tense of see. Seen MUST BE USED with a helping verb. So, a correct sentence using this verb may go something like this: “I have seen the error of my ways, and will never trust strange pants again.”

So, what have you learned from this not-officially-trained-in-grammar blog author?

  • Don’t use seen without have.
  • Don’t use seen where you should use saw.
  • Don’t trust bears in brown pants.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Let The Improper Usages of Seen and Saw Die

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