GoDaddy Commercials past couple of years, GoDaddy has usually had a major commercial run during the Super Bowl. Now, these commercials have contained busty blondes and other babes, where, through differentiating circumstances, they are videotaped up until they show some form of nudity. The commercials stop there, but they usually contain the promise of “See More Online!” and “WARNING: Web Content Unfiltered!”

I get the fact that sex sells. I just don’t understand what GoDaddy is trying to sell. They don’t make it very apparent from their commercials that they sell web domains; they expect the user to figure that out by taking the initiative to follow up on the commercial. They don’t even try to transition from the chestily-endowed to the benefits of URL ownership.

Also, the commercials are aimed a wee bit towards men. It might be hard to tell, I know. Anyway, way to alienate a whole demographic, GoDaddy writers. I can’t wait for this year’s entry into your predictable advertising compendium.

Let GoDaddy Commercials Die

Photo Credits: Here


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